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Do earrings cause allergies?

Our earrings stud are all made of 925 silver. Generally silver jewelry is not easy to cause allergies. If you have no allergic reaction to wearing 925 silver before, it is highly likely that you will not be allergic. We recommend taking your earrings off when you shower or sleep.

Will the earrings fade?

Earrings may fade if they are exposed to the air for a long time or in contact with skin sweat for a long time. If stored well, 1-2 years are no problem.

Will the earrings I see in the photos be different from the real ones?

The pics you see on our website all are in real shots. We will try to show the original color of the earrings. However, there may be slight color difference due to different display screens.

Why is the stud I received not straight?

Our earrings are all made of 925 silver as the stud. It is relatively soft. If you received a stud that is not straight, please straighten it. We always are really careful when packing as it might be squeezed during shipping.